Old Town Prague.

Yashica Mat TLR Camera and Fuji NEOPAN 100 ISO Black and White film.

Old Town Prague is the most beautiful place that I have been to. The architecture is unparallel to anywhere else in the world. The imposing structure that you see is the majestic Church of Our Lady before Týn. Wikipedia suggests that it is about 80 meters high.

To the left of the church is the famous Astronomical Clock Tower.

On top of the hill in the background is the Prague Castle that houses the famous Golden Lane.

Hostel Týn is near the church of Our Lady before Týn. I reckon it’s one of the best youth hostels in Europe. If you find yourself in Prague for some strange reason, have a meal at the BEAS it’s alongside the hostel. I have no idea how they manage to flavour the food so good. Perhaps they import their spices from India. But I could be wrong.


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