Photographing Prague.

Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge has some fantastic photo opportunities on offer. The problem, especially during the summer is that there are just too many people in the way of that near-perfect photo!

Charles Bridge Prague

The sun rises from the Old Town Square end of the bridge. A large group of tourists had already assembled on the bridge to welcome the rising sun. Armed with nothing but their cameras and tripods, they neatly arranged themselves at a strategic position to make a photo like this one (above).

Charles Bridge Prague

This is the far end that leads to the Infant Jesus shrine and the Prague Castle. The John Lennon wall is just off this end of Charles Bridge (above).

Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge Prague

The hundreds of thousands of tourists is good news for the caricature artists along the bridge. And there are many of them. I got this gentleman to do a couple of mine during the two times that I’ve been to Prague. I became a showstopper of sorts in that people decided to hang around and watch him finish my caricature. It was rather funny.

Old Town Prague

This is from atop the tower at the Old Town end of Charles Bridge. Golden light from the sun should have illuminated these magnificent structures at this time of the day. But it was not to be. Overcast skies played spoilsport.

I’m sure that you’ve come upon hundreds of photos of Prague and a lot of them appear to be so similar. But I think that a good photo will definitely stand out from the others. I haven’t had enough time in Prague. I think that a minimum of ten glorious summer days is what it’ll take to come up with four-dozen odd emotive photos of this magnificent city. It’s fantastic during the winters too. I hope for such an opportunity during the summer. SOON.

Old Town Prague

Old Town Prague

In Prague, there’s always romance in the air.

Prague Castle

It’s the biggest ancient castle in the world; a fond memory.


I like this photo. Not sure why.

Old Town Prague

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