Portrait de famille – Adriaen van OSTADE (Haarlem, 1610 – 1685)

When I looked at this painting for the first time, I wondered whether the artist was commissioned to paint this. If he had been commissioned, how did the client react when he saw it for the first time? Was he expecting a formal, rather serious looking painting or this informal, rather playful one? And for how long did these people have to pose whilst the artist was at work?

Haarlem is in the Netherlands and the artist is a Dutchman. He made this in 1654.

It looks like that half a minute of chitchat just before a group of people settle down to have their picture taken, doesn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Portrait de famille – Adriaen van OSTADE (Haarlem, 1610 – 1685)

  1. And did the subjects have to sit as a group, holding their poses? OR did the artist paint them individually then put the bits together?? I’ve never thought about the logistics of sitting when viewing a painting – it’s an interesting way of looking at it!!

    • I’d do a quick sketch and then make some written notes as to how to go about it. And then as things progress, I’d probably fetch the individual for a further study if I need to.
      I like his informal approach to this.
      Thanks, Red Nomad OZ!

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