Prague; sound bytes and travel advice

Aerial view of Prague

I doubt if I’ll post a photo of Prague on my blog after today unless I go there again. I’d like to go but then again there are other places in the world. I’d still go though.

In a previous post, I’d told you about the h4n sound recorder. I used it to record some fantastic sound bytes in Prague. I have decided to etch all of them in this post. So take a day off from work/school. And spend this day reading this and listening to all of the sound clips that I have on offer for you. So here we go.

If you haven’t already, begin by reading my post about the Astronomical Clock Tower from 2010. All links will open in a new window/tab. This year, I didn’t trek up the Astronomical Clock Tower (though I wanted to) but recorded the hourly clockwork from the streets below:

The trumpets are sounded from a handful of towers in the Old Town. The youth, dressed in red and yellow costumes; shiny helmets but blunt swords are stationed in each of these towers for your entertainment.

I did this recording from the top of a tower on the Old Town side of Charles Bridge:

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not into classical music. A troupe sat there on Old Town Square performing some songs. One woman played the harp. A song later, another woman joined her playing the violin. And finally one other woman joined in singing. It turns out that I like a good harp. I found inner peace and solace in the melody that she played. I like the exaggerated stage-presence and the look of composure in a person playing a good harp. Listen to her:

A humble man stood at the top of Charles Bridge closer to the Old Town playing classical tunes on his violin. I cannot afford to spend ten euro on the music of every street musician that I come upon. I regret not having bought this man’s music though. It might have brought me further peace and solace, especially in old age:

A 10-piece band along Charles Bridge:

What more can you ask for? And just as you begin to think that things can’t get any better, you come upon a puppeteer! A puppeteer along Charles Bridge! A good man. I have a couple of his shows for you:

Now for the travel tip. One can walk through all of Old Town Prague. And I mean; all of it. A group of expatriates conduct walking tours that survive only on tips. I don’t indulge in guided tours. In fact, I feel like pelting stones at red and yellow sightseeing buses every time I see them; there aren’t any in Prague though. It’s different. I enjoyed the little insights that the expatriate in Prague had for us. You’ll find all the info. at the front desk of your hostel in Prague.
We came upon similar walking tours in Paris conducted by local people. I’m sure that they’re good too but we didn’t have the time.


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