Portraits of a desert 2014, Part – IV

I had an insightful conversation with this farmer in the Thar Desert, yes they farm in the desert! And what do they grow? Watermelon, cucumber, millet, wheat, peanuts etc. It’s a thriving business for farmers who have bore-wells. Less fortunate farmers are left to the mercy of the monsoons (during the months of July and August, if at all!)

It costs 17 lakh rupees (in excess of 20,000 euro) to dig a bore-well, this man tells me. They find water at 350 feet, but in order to ensure that they have a uninterrupted supply of water, they must dig 750 – 800 feet beneath the surface of the desert.

IMG_3066-Edit-2 I am a professor of photography. I have filmed an entire workshop that I teach, titled Master Your DSLR Camera F.A.S.T. that teaches you how to set your camera in the manual-mode depending on the subject and lighting conditions that you’re working with. The videos are free, as you can see below. I also teach this course online. You can get in touch with me through this blog or my professional website, www.girishmenon.com. I’m on twitter as @travelphotogiri and facebook too!

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