Portraits of a desert 2014, Part – II

I made this photo at sunset during my journey through the Thar Desert in India. Although it was that time of the day when the light was just glorious, I decided to work this in black and white for various reasons. I also photographed it partially against light to bring out the desired effect. Do you think it works?

I am a professor of photography. I have filmed an entire workshop that I teach, titled Master Your DSLR Camera F.A.S.T. that teaches you how to set your camera in the manual-mode depending on the subject and lighting conditions that you’re working with. The videos are free, as you can see below. I also teach this course online. You can get in touch with me through this blog or my professional website, www.girishmenon.com. I’m on twitter as @travelphotogiri and facebook too!

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