Of travel lessons and Twitter associations: Travel Photography Tips

I remember my first easyJet flight between Amsterdam and Barcelona a couple of years ago. I also remember my first #TTOT interaction on twitter.

#TTOT = Travel Talk on Twitter. It’s a chat that happens every Tuesday at 3PM and Wednesday at 3AM IST. In the recent past, #TTOT has discussed food, drink, honeymoon travel, domestic travel, sleeping in unusual places etc. The handful of #TTOT chats that I have participated in has introduced me to over two hundred interesting travellers and travel companies around the world.

During #TTOT hour on a warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon, I came upon easyJet Holidays. easyJet Holidays offer attractive accommodation deals at some of the most exotic destinations. Our paths crossed on more than one occasion during subsequent #TTOT chats. About a month later, I got a DM from easyJet Holidays:

I agreed, and the rest is history. Please click here to read the entire interview.

Thx easyJet Holidays!


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