Summer festivals in Europe – Lamere Festival, Almere, the Netherlands

Lamere festival Almere

The Lamere festival in Almere, Holland is special to me because it’s the first summer festival that I’ve been to in Europe. I spent the whole of the first day by myself soaking in all of the entertainment on offer.

It was the perfect afternoon. The sweet fragrance of chicken and fried rice circled the air as kids jumped up in joy in an attempt to touch the glorious Holland sky. The summer had arrived! The toddlers were there, kids, teenagers, parents, grandparents, great grandparents!

I was probably the only non-resident of Almere at the Lamere festival in 2011.

Almere comes across as a close-knit community of people who know of each other, similar to some of the other smaller towns/villages in the Netherlands.

Lamere festival in Almere

It was a Friday. People started pouring in after work. And by 6 o’clock, the square was full of people making merry to the tunes of live bands on stage. Pink people showed up on stilts!

Lamere festival in Almere

Everywhere you go, kids wanna rock! Where have I heard that line before?

The next day, I went back to the Lamere festival in Almere.

Lamere festival in Almere

This is Esther Nijhove. She’d finished runners-up in an American Idol-like competition in Holland. “I voted for her but she did not win”, said one of the lads doing the sound. I’d asked. “Everybody voted for her, but she did not win unfortunately. I wanted her to win…”, he continued.

Lamere festival in Almere

Moments later, it started to rain. But that doesn’t disrupt life in Holland, does it?

If you’re in Holland around the time of the Lamere festival, I recommend that you go and join the party. I had a great time!


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