Bearman Cartoons Charity Challenge 2012

It’s that time of the year when the Bearman is engaged in fundraising activities. It’s his third successive Charity Challenge that I’ve come upon.

This is the Fourth Year I have done this so far donating $1656 ($336 in 2009, $630 in 2010, $690 in 2011) and it will run until the end of May.

The Bearman will put aside $10 for the Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank etc. just because I punched in a few words here. Please visit Bearman Cartoons for all the details of this year’s Charity Challenge.

By the time the Bearman announces his Charity Challenge, I’m generally half way through my favorite photography assignment of the year. This year however, the assignment hasn’t even begun. I’m hoping it comes through sooner rather than later.

A few weeks ago, the Bearman did a Guest blog post for me; the first of the Guest blog posts here:

If you’d like to do a Guest blog post here, be my guest! Please get in touch through comments/twitter.

  _  BE HAPPY!

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