A street performer juggles three fire torches at Dam Square in Amsterdam

This man is the most talented juggler that I’ve come upon in the whole world. A lot of street performers do the regular juggling of fire torches on the high unicycle but this man does a wider selection.

Nevertheless, I’m doing this post to tell you about the interaction between street performers and the audiences. All street performers pick a volunteer from the audience to be a part of the show.

How difficult can it be? Fire torches??? What am I supposed to do with these three fire torches?

You’re going to be lighting them up? No! YOU ARE!

Up until this point, the volunteer still has no clue what he/she is expected to do. He/she is expected to light the three fire torches and throw them (one-at-a-time) towards the street performer whilst he’s on the high unicycle! And he never fails to catch them!

Look out for this man at Dam and Leidse Squares.

  _  BE HAPPY!

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