A fire broke out in Mumbai this afternoon.

A major fire broke out at a plot near ROLEX Restaurant Junction in Mumbai this afternoon.

Mumbai city traffic

The flow of traffic at the ROLEX Restaurant Junction is relentless. Cars, motorbikes, bicycles and handcarts etc. creep in on you from all directions.

I was working in the area when all of a sudden; I noticed black fumes in my pictures. I looked up but it didn’t look too bad.

Mumbai city traffic

About five minutes later, it got worse. Concerned citizens gathered in disbelief. Short circuits, cigarette buds; all kinds of rumours were doing the rounds.

Two fire brigades later, the fire only seemed to get worse. Three more fire brigades were rushed in to the scene. By the time we left, the problem had not been resolved. I hope that there’s been no loss of life or damage to property.

Mumbai city traffic


9 thoughts on “A fire broke out in Mumbai this afternoon.

  1. I hope there was no loss of life???? Even fire accidents are hazardous and painful… 😦 I remember a recent Kolkata incident..that unfortunately killed many…

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