Aerial Views of Amsterdam from atop Church Towers

My favourite activity, and I’ve done this over and over again is to get atop the church towers and soak in breathtaking aerial views of the city of Amsterdam and beyond.

This is the view from the top of the western tower along Prinsengracht Canal. You can see the Anne Frank House there below.

Amsterdam offers three church towers that you can climb; Westerkerk or western church, Zuiderkerk or south church and Oedekerk or old church. The three magnificent structures are at biking, even walking distances from each other.

Guided tours run every half hour during the summer. The expert guides are easy-going students studying at different institutes in Amsterdam. I found that they had wonderful insights to the different things that I could do during my stay in Amsterdam.

Each tour cost € 7.

Fire safety regulations restrict the number of people climbing up the western and old church towers to 6 whereas the south church can take about a dozen. So it’s good to book early. Tickets are available at the entrance of each of the towers.

The beautiful Zuiderkerk made famous by Claude Monet.

The Amsterdam Public Library is accessible throughout the year for free, of course. It offers some fantastic views of the city through large transparent windows. The terrace on the eighth floor is open-air.


15 thoughts on “Aerial Views of Amsterdam from atop Church Towers

  1. Beautiful pictures. In Italy, where I live, it is full of churches, but I had never thought of asking if the bell tower could be visited, except for Venice, where it is a tourist attraction!

    • In Europe, all of the church towers that I came across were open to people.
      I’m sure that the ones in Italy will offer fantastic views as well.
      Thanks, Sunil Deepak!

  2. Nice piece! And lovely photos. I love aerial views as well, and missed all of these when I was in Amsterdam. I’ll definitely check them out the next time I’m there. 🙂

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