Alkmaar and Edam… Cheese towns in Holland

Holland makes some fantastic cheese. It’s a huge source of income for some of the smaller villages in the Netherlands. Alkmaar for example is a train ride away from Amsterdam. One can fetch a free map of the city outside the railway station at Alkmaar. It’ll have the route to the weekly cheese market chalked out. It’s a good twenty-minute trek from the railway station.

Alkmaar Cheese Market

I came upon several brochures at tourist information offices that had photos like the one above. I was curious. The weekly cheese markets enact the cheese trade of bygone eras. Actors enact the bargaining that used to happen between the wholesalers and their customers. Throw in a horse-carriage, chief-guests, a live band, boat ride and cafes serving you local beer.

Alkmaar Cheese Market

I’m sure that it’s hard work running around like that for a couple of hours. It must take a lot out of these gentlemen every Friday morning between April and early September.

Alkmaar Cheese Market

Alkmaar is a beautiful city. Don’t resist the cruise around town.

Edam, on the other hand is a short bus ride away from Amsterdam. A bus leaves every few minutes from the back end of Amsterdam Central Station. It’s a small, beautiful village and one that I highly recommend.

Edam Cheese Market

Edam host their Cheese Market on Wednesday mornings in the summer. The drill is much the same as Alkmaar but it’s a smaller and thus a more intimate showing.

Edam Cheese Market

In the old days, the price was negotiated between the seller and his customer by slapping each others hand.

A lot of the cheese manufactured in Edam and Alkmaar is exported especially to the United States.

I enjoyed my time at Alkmaar and Edam and I recommend that you stop over both these fantastic cheese destinations on your next visit to the Netherlands.

Edam Cheese Market

Edam Cheese Market


18 thoughts on “Alkmaar and Edam… Cheese towns in Holland

  1. I love the town of Enkhuizen. It has the outdoor museum, harbors, and interesting buildings, like the dromedaris and the Koeport and the wall all around the old part of town.

  2. My favorite dity is more than one… I love the little town of Brunssum where I was so well received, Valkenberg, a jowel in Limburg…and so many beautiful places…

  3. Hello you on the other side of the world. It´s nice to read such lovely comments of our little beautiful city Edam. I´m living in the street on the picture with the water and the small boat in Edam.
    It´s a strange idea that the pictures of my street are going to the other site of the world. Beautiful pictures by the way.
    Merry Christmas!!

    • Wow! Isn’t that great? I wish I’d known you earlier! If I come to Edam again, I’ll say hello!
      What I find amazing is that the maximum number of people who’ve visited this post are from the United States! So yes, from this side of the world, the images are going to the other side with Edam at the center!
      Thanks, Jolanda de Vries!

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