HAPPY DIWALI from Purushwadi!

I spent the first four days of this week scouting Purushwadi.

Yes, I contemplated the idea of writing a few jokes to follow that opening line but then decided against it. Purushwadi is atop a hill near Ghoti along the Mumbai-Nashik Highway but never mind all of that. The turfs at altitudes higher than Purushwadi must have been uninhabited at the time of its Christening. Hence the name, पूर्ण उंच वाडी – three Marathi words that give out this fact. It then further corrupted down to Purushwadi. You’d imagine that the ratio of men:women in PURUSHwadi is 999:1 /thereabouts but that’s not true.

PU RUSH. OKAY hang on whilst I quickly logon to youtube.com and play Limelight; a song by the Canadian band, RUSH. Living in the Limelight, the universal dream for those who wish to seem..

DASH IT! Coming back to Purushwadi, it happened to be Diwali. I’d light the odd sparkler and snake as a kid but then figured; why ruin the air? I can go on about the different things that people in my neighbourhood do during Diwali but DASH IT! It’s all too urban. All too routine.

In Purushwadi, the odd kid and his associates scoot from door to door singing. In his hands he holds a network of sticks and cut grass. Honestly, I’m struggling to describe all of this.

diwali in Purushwadi

Long fable short: families hear the children singing outside their front door, come outside and pour some oil into the oil lamps that are mounted amidst the sticks and cut grass that the principal kid is holding.



Grassroutes have been running village tourism programs at Purushwadi since the last few years. I have partnered with them in conducting weekend photography getaways through November 2011. You’ll find all the info. etc here.

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