Le panier d’oeufs – Henri-Horace-Roland DELAPORTE

Le panier d'oeufs - Henri-Horace-Roland DELAPORTE 1788

These eggs are all of two hundred and twenty three years old but they shine as if they were just laid! I noticed them from miles away.

I could not find a wikipedia page for Henri-Horace-Roland Delaporte, the man who painted this in 1788. In fact, I found only very little about him online. However, the limited info. does not fail to acknowledge him as one of the finest painters of still-life, especially fruits. So I searched for more of his work. I don’t remember seeing this (below) painting at the Louvre, but just have a look at that milk!


3 thoughts on “Le panier d’oeufs – Henri-Horace-Roland DELAPORTE

  1. Hi:

    I just saw another painting by artist at the Norton-Simon Museum in pasadena, CA. It was a painting of peaches, grapes, and a mixture of tin, glass and porcelain container. You should check out. He is a master of still life.

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