L’intérieur d’une cuisine – Martin DRÖLLING

‘L’intérieur d’une cuisine’ / inside the kitchen was painted in 1815 by Martin Drölling, a French painter born in Paris. This painting was completed seven years before Nicéphore Niépce made the first ever permanent photograph in 1822.

I was most amused by the expression on the women’s faces. It appears to me as if they are rather reluctantly posing for a photograph; reluctant because they are apprehensive about it (being photographed) but do not have a choice because of their social status at the time.

I like the artist’s choice of colour palate and his handling of highlights and shadows. Also, the dimensions of this painting tend towards ‘Medium Format Photography’ rather than the popular ’35 millimeter’ format.

I just love every single element in this frame and how they all come together.


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