The flea market at Anjuna

I am an irritable child. This city doesn’t make things any better. I have been fleeing to the beaches of Goa ever since I was a teenager. But for college, work and my family, I’d never have come back.

Anjuna has always been the favourite destination of the flower children. Back in the sixties, if they’d run out of money but wanted to stay back longer, they’d sell of their belongings such as guitars, clothes and accessories etc. close to the beach. And over the years, this has blossomed into the Wednesday flea market.

I have spent a lot of time photographing the market through the last decade. Several realisations about photography and life have dawned on me as a result of the time that I spent there. In the December of 2009, I choose the market as one of the locations for the photography workshop that I was conducting in Goa. It is a fabulous place to do street photography or just sit and watch life go by whilst intoxicated.

National Geographic Traveler does not rate the flea market at Anjuna amongst the top ten in the world. I guess this is because the majority of stuff on sale is trash and overpriced.

I make it a point to stroll through the place if I’m visiting Goa.

In the summer of 2007, I had my third motorbike accident whilst I was on the way back to my hotel from the market. “The best drivers have made the most accidents” they say. I hope that’s true. And that this experience has taught me to ride cautiously.


12 thoughts on “The flea market at Anjuna

  1. A good write up on this strange but interesting phenomena. I remember it well when we went around the market together catching interesting shots in the workshop. Thank you so much for your guidance on photography. You mentored me well, improving my photographic capabilities immensely. Thank you so much for the memorable experiences on our trips out with our cameras. Best Wishes. Anne

  2. You get some very interesting and sometimes strange unearthly things in the flee market.
    The next time when you are planning to flee to the flee market in Goa, please take me along. I can hold your tripod and ask you interesting questions.

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