Oft when I make a photo, I don’t think much of it. Over the years, I have learnt never to delete ANY photo that I have made at ANY point in time. I don’t. If I had, I would have lost out on one of my favourite photos of all time:

A lot of Amsterdam’s residents own boats of different shapes and sizes. And throughout the day, boats make their way through the narrow canals and along the Amstel River. Friends and family pack beer etc. and enjoy their time together negotiating the labyrinth.

I feel refreshed every time I look at the texture of the disturbed waters, tonality, colour balance and the relaxed body language of the four men. I fondly remember that evening.


15 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Ha! To an Indian all this seems like a dream–A boat with four old school friends and a pack of some good quality beer (not kingfisher), blue sky above and the reflection of it on the waters below. Lush green trees overlooking the narrow water path.

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