Change of crop!

Most oft, the impact that a photograph has on me is different from that it’d made on the previous occasion. Whilst traveling, I’d connect my flatbed film negative scanner to my Macbook and do low resolution scans. I’d post some of them on this blog. A few weeks ago, I had some of my film drum scanned. Of course, drum scans bring the image to life and throw light on certain details that flatbed scans don’t. So after meditating long and hard on this photograph, I have decided to change it’s presentation:

Fuji GS645S Professional rangefinder camera and Kodak TMAX 100 ISO 120mm black and white film.

I’m going to be doing limited edition prints soon!


26 thoughts on “Change of crop!

    • That’s about it. But I think that the shadow in the foreground has a definite form now and that line there is important. This version shows a lot more of the clouds too.
      Thanks, nursemyra!

  1. The clouds give a really nice effect. I think I might prefer the other crop tbh, but there isn’t a huge difference. You have some great photos on your blog. 🙂

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