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I don’t know how I feel about competitions that are fully or partly judged by the audiences/viewers/community members etc. as opposed to specialists in that respective field. An individual having a wide online/offline social network could pile on the votes irrespective of the quality of his/her work. And timely submissions can accumulate more votes than the ones made closer to the deadline, especially if the submission period spans a few months. Nevertheless, let’s see how it goes. I have made my submissions and am asking for your vote! You do not need to register to be able to vote for any of the entries in this competition.

Rice is the staple diet of the people living along the Indian coast. It is grown extensively during the monsoon months between June and September. In some regions, it rains until December. Both men and women toil hard on paddy fields to ensure that the harvest lasts them a whole year.
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I made this photo whilst I was exploring an obscure village the state of Gujarat in India. I think that there can be several different interpretations of her thoughts and feelings. And all our interpretations might be completely different from the actual reality! Don’t you think so too?
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I think that the expression on this girl’s face tells a thing or two about her thoughts, feelings and life. She is part of a troupe that performs balancing acts on the beaches of Anjuna, Goa.
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If you like all of them, please vote for all! Thanks for doing this.


28 thoughts on “The Masterclass Gallery

  1. I voted for “rice” too.

    Agree with what you said about people with the most friends getting more votes. the current top 10 aren’t the pick of the bunch. I saw many better images when i was scrolling through looking for yours

    • That’s what happens. I guess this is a popular method for a competition/website to promote itself. And a lot of the competitions that run this time of the year are like that.
      Thanks, nursemyra!

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