Estadi Olimpic

Fuji GS645S Professional rangefinder camera and ILFORD DELTA PROFESSIONAL 100 ISO 120mm black and white film.

It is always a great honour for any city to host a mega sporting event. A few days after all of the drama etc. that surrounded the Commonwealth Games of 2010, I happened to pass by the stadium that hosted the Olympics of 1992 in Barcelona.

The Spanish recall the fact that Barcelona lost out to Berlin in the bid to host the games of 1936. And they’re proud of all of the developments in infrastructure etc. that the city has seen since. And proud to have hosted the games in 1992.

I remember watching the games on TV and collecting SPORTSTAR magazines of the time as a kid. I might just still have one or two of them somewhere. South Africa participated in these Olympics for the first time since the 60s, Germany was unified and some of the countries that had been the U.S.S.R and SFR Yugoslavia participated as individual countries for the first time.

I spent about five minutes inside the stadium. It reminded me of the time I’d visited the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, all of twelve years ago!


23 thoughts on “Estadi Olimpic

    • I posted the first photo for a reason. Spain is warm and sunny most times of the year. I shot that photo against direct sunlight, and without a lens-hood. I think that the rays of sunlight coming through give an idea of the warm, sunny conditions that the athletes would have been participating in.
      Also, I like the way in which the rows of seats in the foreground have turned out in spite of the photo being shot against light. Overall, I prefer the second photo too.
      Thanks, Vignesh TG!

    • Did it come across like that? When I talk about scanning photos, I meant the negatives. In fact, I don’t remember scanning a physical photo since 2001! Time sure flies!

  1. I like your recent postings in prticulr the stadium. But I was disapointed to see tha there were no people there using such a facility like this. I do hope that it is still uses. Also I enjoyed your photos of Paris and your text as well. Excellent work indees……..

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