L’Ecole Militaire / La Tour Eiffel

Fuji GS645S Professional rangefinder camera and Kodak TMAX 100 ISO 120mm black and white film.

I spent all of yesterday evening catching up with a couple of friends and gobbling down some Chicken Kozhi Porichathu and fried Rawas. Whilst the fish and chicken tasted fantastic, I’m rather disappointed to be back to drinking Kingfisher beer after the seventy odd different kinds of beer I’d sampled during the three months in Europe.

A few days ago, I found myself back home. The three months in Europe did me a lot of good. I’m back now, broke and unemployed.

I took this photo on my first morning in Paris. In fact, this is only the third photo that I’ve made in Paris (or in France for that matter). Sometimes, the first few photos of the day don’t turn out too bad.

Sometime early next year, I’m going to be marketing some of these photos as limited edition archival prints. I hope you’ll be interested.


38 thoughts on “L’Ecole Militaire / La Tour Eiffel

    • They’re both fantastic cities. I hadn’t yet taken to photography whilst I’d traveled to NY, twelve years ago. I might enjoy making the odd photo on the streets of NY if I find myself there again someday.
      Thanks, cat.

  1. I like the way you’ve set up this shot, with the line of statues leading the eye to the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Interesting lines,curves, and textures.

  2. Thanks for pointing it ( till now I thought the comments were enabled & I was wondering why no one is commenting 🙂 )
    Now its enabled.

    Btw where do you get B/W films ??
    In chennai all I could get is Nova 125 ASA film…. saddest part there is no-one to process

    • Well, in Mumbai I could find Fuji film, if not in stock, I could always order. Over and above that, there used to be people who took orders for TMAX etc.
      I’ve been away, in Amsterdam for three months. And in Amsterdam, you can get any film you can dream of!
      When I go downtown next, I’ll find out the present situation in Mumbai.
      As far as the processing goes, you could try and find someone who could teach you.

  3. great shot!!! i have a film canon rebel that makes tri x look like this, i didn’t like it when i first got it, the contrast, silly me, coz this is a beautiful pic!!!

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