The Prague Astronomical Clock

Fuji GS645S Professional rangefinder camera and ILFORD DELTA PROFESSIONAL 100 ISO 120mm black and white film.

Hundreds if not thousands gather in front of the Prague Astronomical Clock Prague Orloj. I made this from atop the clock tower on the day of its 600th anniversary on the 9th of October, 2010! In another life, I was here, 600 years ago. Perhaps.

One’ll hear the ringing of bells and the blowing trumpets (from atop the tower) at the top of the hour, every hour.

Wikipedia, my only Guru has all the explanations.

I can see the faces of some of the people down there, looking up if I zoom into the hi-resolution scan.


44 thoughts on “The Prague Astronomical Clock

  1. Wow – what an amazing photo! Just astounding! And what an experience to be there on top of the clock tower at that time… How you got up there and what you were doing must be exciting stories in themselves!

    • Old Town Prague has plenty of tall towers. I’ve been up all but one. This is the only one that has an elevator. I took the elevator till about the third floor and then walked up the flight of stairs. It is a long way up.
      Thanks, Lady Fi!

  2. As a person who doesn’t like heights, except from a plane, this is both amazing and frightening to look down on all those people. Wonderful photography, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. What an amazing piece of architecture! (I read all about it in Wiki) The composition of your photo is excellent…so many elements, shapes and the way your eye sweeps off to the right but also to the left because of the angle of the buildings and the little piece of building you deliberately kept in the lower left. Brilliant!

  4. Brilliant capture and vantage point!
    Funny enough before visiting you I was checking out hotels online in Prague … dreaming of a getaway there in the spring … saw the Locks of Love gate on someone’s blog … Prague looks like such a wonderful and charming city

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