Fuji GS645S Professional rangefinder camera and ILFORD DELTA PROFESSIONAL 100 ISO 120mm black and white film.

Old Town Prague hit me. The architecture is magnificent and unlike other. Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor – King of Italy, King in Germany and King of Bohemia, commissioned a lot of it.

I am at a loss for words.


And notice the white line across, above the dome? It ain’t a scratch but the trail of a jet-plane, perhaps. It is on all of the pictures, both the vertical ones and horizontal. It cannot be a scratch.

59 thoughts on “Bohemia

  1. loss of words at the speed of thought.
    lot of food for your lens ehh! bugger.
    come back soon bugger.
    it’ll be sheer fun to go through all the pictures that you clicked.

  2. What a maginifient photo! I have heard Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In the pic it looks like the shot could be from Italy… :o)

  3. this is fantastic. I was wondering if it was mini people or shrubs in the foreground. Now I know.

    I’m totally fascinated with past life regression. One of these days I’ll get it done!

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