La Défense

Fuji GS645S Professional rangefinder camera and Kodak TMAX 100 ISO 120mm black and white film.

I don’t like modern architecture. And whenever I see those tall and ugly glass plated corporate buildings, I feel like pelting stones at them.

I noticed a cluster of such buildings from atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris that were uniquely, rather tastefully designed. It had to be the main commercial centre. I made a visit to La Défense the following afternoon.

It was lunch time and the courtyards had come to life. People had stepped out of their offices for lunch and fresh air. Look at them, all in their suits!


51 thoughts on “La Défense

  1. Fantastic photography! This shot gives a retro feeling probably due to all the suits. It’s hard to find that in current day life.

    Thanks for stopping by my place earlier and saying hi!

  2. I know what you mean about modern architecture. Yet those glorious clouds! You’ve captured such an interesting juxtaposition of the man-made and the divine in this lovely photograph.

  3. The darkness in the sky and the darkness on the ground look great together.

    I recently watched a documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright. I wish I could remember what he called glass tower atrocities.

  4. The long straight boulevard with pedestrians dotted about makes this look like a scene from a film like ‘Modern Times’.

    I have to say that modern architecture, for me, comes in two categories: the sausage factory type boxes which are uninspiring, conceptually lazy and churned out again and again, and the innovative, new and aesthetically pleasing. (I’m thinking of buildings like ‘The Gerkin’ in London and ‘The Sage in Newcastle).

    • I’d never heard of Bill. Did it remind you of this particular photo that he had made –
      In the photo, we see modern England as it were then. In this one that I’d shot, I guess we see France today, and its future under construction.
      Thanks, Deepti!

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