If I had even a little talent in music, I’d busk on the streets of Europe five days a week for the rest of my life. I don’t though.

I came across this man at Dam Square, the Royal Palace under renovation fills the background. He tapped the fingers of his right hand hard on the strings of his rickety old instrument that looked to be in tatters and about to come apart. I remember him doing an Elvis Presley song and another one titled, ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ in his own original style.

And everytime someone spared some change, he’d go “Thank You Ma’am” / “Thank You Sir” in the middle of the song. It’d blend nicely though.

What a character!


46 thoughts on “Untitled

    • Thanks, Hilary!
      I don’t walk around with a video recorder too much.
      I too hope that I had some video of this guy though!
      Pure entertainment!

  1. Another beautiful photo from you. Love it how he would stop to say thanks with each contribution of change. When I see people like this performing in public, I always wonder what’s behind his/her story. There’s always a lot to tell, I’m sure.

    • I was told that some of the buskers that I’d met in Paris earn about € 3500 a month!
      I spoke to this guy who sells water on the streets of Paris for € 1 a bottle and he said he saved about € 2000 a month! He splits an apartment and its rent with 8 or 9 others though. All strangers.
      Thanks, Gropius!

  2. Amazing work. It was a great pleasure to go through your websote. Everyone seems to be shooting in black and white these days and very few people get it right!
    Here’s hoping there will be more in this blog in the days to come!


  3. dropped over from hilary’s POTW…how cool. love to stop and see the musicians on the street…sounds like this one had quite the personality…nice slice of life…

  4. The street entertainers of Europe are pretty good and the standard is high. They are a surviving remnant of the wonderful phenomenon of live entertainment, which is a dying art. The street entertainers of my native Dublin are pretty good too.

    I came to visit you via ‘The Smitten Image’. Congratulations on your Post of the Week mention. It’s been a pleasure to visit your blog.

    • Thanks, gaelikaa! And thanks to ‘The Smitten Image’!
      Yes, the standard of street entertainers has been fantastic in all of the European cities I’ve been to.
      If I ever visit Dublin, I’ll surely let you know.

  5. Great picture! It has a personality all its own, and I can practically hear him. I am always amazed by people with such a good, photographic eye. I think you all must see the world in a vivid, vibrant detail, and I’m just grateful that people like you (and Hilary, and others) share their view with people like me; someone prone to taking blurry pictures of feet.

    But your words bear mentioning, too. Very nicely written, in evocative, spare style that was just as pleasing as the picture. Nicely done!

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