Untitled – II

In an earlier post, I had introduced you to a fisherman from Goa and a farmer from Maharashtra. Today I have for you a fisherman from Fort Cochin in Kerala. I had photographed him on a trip in the last week of March.

Fisherman in Fort Cochin

Almost every fisherman at Fort Cochin is Christian. And this man wears his Rosary around his neck. It is hard work on the Chinese Fishing Nets. The fish caught using the Chinese Fishing Nets or otherwise is sold at the stalls nearby. One can buy fish at these stalls and have it made to order at the many restaurants around.

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16 thoughts on “Untitled – II

  1. Excellent photographs as usual. It looks as though you had a good trip to Cochin with the Kathakali photos and all. But you do seem to be having difficulty with your film procuring and development. When I used film I preferred Kodak and definitely would avoid Ilford but Fuji was OK. Maybe the production methods are different now. But your photos are definitely worth the effort.. Best Wishe. Anne

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