Along the river, at Britona

Britona sits along the Mandovi River, close to Panjim in the once Portuguese state of Goa in India. Britona is a quaint Goan village. In the mornings, the river is still and the air is clear. It is quiet and peaceful. Kingfishers keep a close eye on the river from treetops and mangroves. R. Mandovi bends and branches out into smaller tributaries. As a result you’ll see layers of mangroves along the edges of the bending tributaries. And more birds. Eagles, Herons and Egrets. Flocks of Asian Openbills reside deeper in the mangroves.

I shot this photo at Britona. Limited edition archival prints are available. If you’d like one, please leave a comment. I’ll then get back to you.


45 thoughts on “Along the river, at Britona

  1. sure looks tranquil – unlike things around here — and I promise to only post uncensored photos in the future – or not – since my mom reads my blog (doh!) 😀

  2. aaah.. what beauty.. i can hardly imagine the peace one would find there..

    thanks for visiting me at my place… mainly though, for my sake so i can see more of the beauty over here!

  3. Stunning photo, I am loving tree photos right now. You are an amazing photographer.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Yeah, my youngest is a tough cookie. He is extremely proud of his black eye. LOL


  4. You have some really great photos on your blog & I enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for the visit to my blog.
    Greetings from Tasmania

    • Villages in India, especially in the state of Goa have always been very peaceful. All that’s changing. And quickly. Soon there’ll be little or no peace left.

  5. I remember the river systems of Goa. There was never a boring drive in that State. I’m going to start saving up for a print or two. Are you also available in limited edition?

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  7. A friend of mine recently visited Mumbai (with a charitable organization) & brought back so many beautiful pictures of children.
    Your images are wonderful, too.

    (thanks for the visit)

  8. This looks like a place I’d love to visit. Hopefully I will be later this year. Thank you for dropping by my blog. The hardest things are often the most worthwhile.

  9. i dont want a copy of the picture.. but i want to tell you wat a lovely picture this is!!! its very calming… its almost a contrast of wat we believe goa to be…

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