Yashica Mat, f/5.6, 1/125, Fuji Neopan 100 ISO – 120mm film.

I shot this portrait during my visit to Goa in the November of 2009. At about 6 ‘o clock in the evening, he was on his way home after a hard day in the seas, fishing. He reminds me of a gentleman I’d shot in Maharashtra, half a decade ago. I see many similarities in indigenous people from the west coast of India.

Canon AE-1P, f/1.8, 1/60, Kodak T400CN – 35mm film.

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55 thoughts on “Untitled

    • He is the elder most living person in his village. A village that was isolated until 3 odd decades ago simply because no roads led in and out of it!

  1. @JUHI
    @Pamela Villars

    As much as I like the second shot, I love the first one, and for many reasons. Maybe the second shot is taking everything away from the first?

    • The grass is always greener on the other side!
      One a fisherman, the other a farmer, I’m sure they’ve had to work hard all their lives. And they’re healthier as compared to their urban contemporaries. Perhaps.
      Thanks, Elaine.

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  3. The 2nd man looks like a turtle head & neck stretched out of it’s shell. Elderly people make such fascinating photographic subjects. Their faces reflect the experience & wisdom of their years.

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  5. Something abt the grandeur in the lilt of his head made me scroll back to this picture again and again. The credit goes to you the photographer of course, in capturing something surreal that I can’t seem to put into words quite fitting as yet.

    I was pondering over the photographer him/her-self.. but the blog had not much to reveal. Should I suppose mach 3 means the razor for men? [bad joke I suppose.. kindly excuse]
    *insert angelic emoticon right about here)

    Thanx for the votes, btw. Ive been posting thanx via the forum topic medium for im new and not really sure how else to respond to the support by others such as your self! 🙂

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