And the chronicles begin


I bought a Yashica Mat TLR camera having a Yashinon 80mm viewing lens +Yashinon 80mm 3.5 taking lens last evening, the 30th of September, 2009.

I found a manual online.

I’d have blasted a dozen rolls by now except that 120mm film is completely out of stock.

The Yashica Mat isn’t equipped with an in-built light meter. So it’ll take me a roll or two to get the hang of it. If the camera functions as it must, these could be exciting times ahead.


12 thoughts on “And the chronicles begin

  1. I don’t know much about the mechanics of photography but I worked out that your fabulous camera is Japanese, but just because it is Japanese that does not mean it eats sushi.

    • lol. I guess it doesn’t. but I’ve used it to photograph plenty of fish, prawns, lobsters and fisher folk already.
      those posts are coming up soon.

  2. Wow your cam looks GREAT! I have a Canon EOS 1000D already & I would love to buy some vintage cams, except that will mean a lot of trouble & expense with getting the film, developing etc. My mom has convinced me to buy lenses for my camera instead.

    • In a recent post, I wrote about the fact that I shall consider using more of my digital camera. I’m not so sure though. I use it for my professional assignments all the time. Black and white is different though.
      And if you’re buying new lenses, make sure they’re prime!
      Good Luck!

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