Monsoons and high tides. Bombay 2009.

These were to be the tallest waves in over one hundred years.

“..stay indoors if you can. Stay back at the office, should things get out of control. Avoid outings during the 23rd, 24th and 25th, of July, 2009.”

“WOW! High tides! Waves! Let’s go!”


Crowds of people assembled, in anticipation, along Marine Drive. Numbers grew. Bombayites, old &young, fat &thin, healthy &unhealthy and uncle &aunty. Some 5,000 of them.

Close to 13:00 hours, the tides got taller and stronger. Strong winds blowing.

“Do not stand along the edges. Step down. Down, sir, not along the edge.. Yes, you.. you too.. and you.. don’t you understand Marathi?”, pleaded the cops via public announcement arrangements from their Toyota Qualis. Nobody bothered. Hooligans. Someone is going to die.

Soon, these waves – strong and over ten meters tall hit the coast hard and some distance into shore! Bombayites, old &young, fat &thin, healthy &unhealthy and uncle &aunty availed of the free entertainment that the polluted seas had to offer. Some 5,000 of them.


Big smiles. It was an awesome feeling. Crowds of Bombayites along the western waterfront, drenched and smiling and having a great time. Some 5,000 of them.

It takes a tragedy to bring the people of this city together. This was different. Joyous festivities not affiliated to history or religion.


15 thoughts on “Monsoons and high tides. Bombay 2009.

    • Thanks for the enquiry, Aky. I’m in the process of putting together a series of photos similar to this one. I’ll let you know once it is complete.
      Thanks again.

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